The dressing is a delightful surprise to your palate!


1/2 cup hot water (hot to touch)

4 Tablespoons salt (Yes, a lot! – it gets watered down)

1 small onion

2 Cucumbers, peeled

4 Tomatoes, chopped


  1. In small bowl, add very hot tap water and salt. Stir until salt is dissolved.
  2. Slice onion into 1/4″ rings and break them apart. Add to salt water. With a clean hand, begin crushing the onion slices in the hot water to release the onion juices. Continue crushing onions for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Cut cucumber in in thin slices and put in medium bowl with water tight seal.
  4. Add chopped tomatoes. Pour water and onions over tomatoes. Seal with lid. Before serving, flip bowl a few times to disperse dressing.

If you serve this for potlucks, it will be better to make one recipe at a time, instead of doubling or tripling the recipe.